Earl’s Juke Joint

Originally posted on Monday Barhop | Sydney's Best Small Bars:
Vegetarians don’t get fooled. Close your eyes, walk through those curtained doors and all will be ok. Behind the abandoned butcher store front of what used to be ‘BETTA MEATS’ reveals a spaciously long bar with smooth dark wood, exposed brick walls, rusty metal ceilings and beards. (Please note beard quantities may differ depending on… Continue reading Earl’s Juke Joint

‘G’ is for Grandma

Remember those alphabet books you had as a kid?? I had a swish Disney-themed one which I loved to tatters. You remember. ‘B’ is for BAMBI, ‘C’ is for CINDERELLA. Late last year fashion photographer Tim Walker released his own Granny-themed version aptly titled ‘The Granny Alphabet’. But this book is more than just your ABC’s. As Walker explains: Old age brings back this childlike … Continue reading ‘G’ is for Grandma

Granny’s Grammy notes 2014

The Grammy Awards are one of my favourites during the awards season. The Grammys have a lot more entertainment value than your Oscars or Globes, without the sloppiness of the entire MTV awards show portfolio. And what the Grammys lack in the hosting talent department it more than makes up through its highly entertaining artist mash-ups. [Note: If you’re really not that interested in the … Continue reading Granny’s Grammy notes 2014

Walls have feelings too

About two weeks ago I escaped Sydney’s wild rainy weather and headed south to Wollongong, only to be greeted by a monsoon. But a little bit of water (actually, it was a sh*t load) didn’t stop the 20 artists who stuck by their walls at the annual Wonderwalls festival. Now in its second year, Wonderwalls is a 3-day street art and graffiti festival consisting of art … Continue reading Walls have feelings too

Step up

Simone Rocha Autumn/Winter 2013     Fashion probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city. To most of the world Bali, Bintang Beer and Mie Goreng are probably the strongest associations they have with the fourth most populous country. But an emerging, well-heeled folk are changing things up. As a frequent visitor and avid contributor to … Continue reading Step up

A cuppa with Lady Macaron

Emmelyn Gunawan From Bali to Paris, Melbourne to New York, this yoga-loving, quinoa-munching global trekker and brand manager of Potato Head bar and restaurant in Jakarta caught a breath with Grandma AL to talk about Paris, hippies and eyebrow threading. [Accompanied by a pot of Gatsby’s prohibition tea courtesy of Potato Head Garage] My heroes: I really admire my brother (Creative Director of PH) and … Continue reading A cuppa with Lady Macaron


  Courtesy of Spiegel & Grau, New York   I love a good underdog story. Especially the ones about individuals from migrant backgrounds living in predominantly Western societies who take this thing we call Asian diaspora, wrap orange-dyed batter around it, stuff a bit of cream into it and call it mango pancake (a yum cha dessert arguably  made famous in Australia – it’s even … Continue reading F.O.B

Matchy matchy

This is Donald and Nancy Featherstone. In 1957 Donald designed those ornamental plastic flamingos you’ve probably seen stabbed into lawns across the US (kind of a big deal). But together the couple are known for something completely different – they’ve worn the same outfit for thirty-five years. When they first met, Donald always wore stuffy suits even during hot summer days.   So Nancy sewed … Continue reading Matchy matchy