Earl’s Juke Joint

I want a drink with Earl at his Juke Joint.

But only if I get to dance with the fine gent in this video:

Monday Barhop | Sydney's Best Small Bars

Vegetarians don’t get fooled. Close your eyes, walk through those curtained doors and all will be ok. Behind the abandoned butcher store front of what used to be ‘BETTA MEATS’ reveals a spaciously long bar with smooth dark wood, exposed brick walls, rusty metal ceilings and beards. (Please note beard quantities may differ depending on time of visit.)

Earl's Juke Jointmmm scallop lamps

The interior lives up to the New Orleans influence (not that we know exactly what it’s like to be in the dirty south of United States visiting a juke joint specifically) but it’s well aussie-fied with a laid back Newtown vibe. The walls are busy with black and white photographs and old school scallop lamps. It’s cozy, but spacious, dark and sleek. Sort of feels like wearing a brown bear minus so much fur… because that’s completely normal. A better animal comparison is more than welcome here.

Earl's Juke JointEarl’s Juke…

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