Soundtrack to your life

Her raspy, soulful voice sent shivers up and down my spine. The rhythmic drumming and sassy trumpets made my heart skip a beat. I died and went to heaven. I can vividly remember the first time I heard Amy Winehouse’s Rehab on the radio. I was in high school, driving along a busy road in my little red car. When that song came on I instantly … Continue reading Soundtrack to your life

Keeping up with the Jonze.

“The things you feel most embarassed about are the things most worth doing”, this coming from the man who lead the Torrence Community Dance Group to notoriety with an unforgettable dance sequence in Fatboy Slim’s Praise You music video, which he also directed. “The things you feel most embarassed about are the things most worth doing.” Spike Jonze isn’t just a creative force to be reckoned with, … Continue reading Keeping up with the Jonze.


There is something quite gratifying about being stuck on a plane for a 14-hour flight and it’s not the blockbuster movie marathons or free grog. #whiskeyontherocks For those 14 hours we get to disconnect ourselves from reality; from Facebook news feeds; from work deadlines; from ‘To Do’ lists. Long haul plane rides are like pit stops from the fast lanes that are our lives. In … Continue reading 14

The church of Badu

A few weeks ago I visited the church of soul singer Erykah Badu. For Badu, music is her religion – a way to connect with something/someone bigger than herself. Mesmerising the crowd with her charismatic storytelling, you believed she had lived every word she sung. Being in a room with a person who is so creatively and spiritually free was liberating for me, especially as … Continue reading The church of Badu

Granny’s Grammy notes 2014

The Grammy Awards are one of my favourites during the awards season. The Grammys have a lot more entertainment value than your Oscars or Globes, without the sloppiness of the entire MTV awards show portfolio. And what the Grammys lack in the hosting talent department it more than makes up through its highly entertaining artist mash-ups. [Note: If you’re really not that interested in the … Continue reading Granny’s Grammy notes 2014

Granny’s Grammy notes 2013

Missed the 55th Grammy Awards? No sweat, grandma’s got you covered. Bey & Jay enjoying the show (source: IBT) My top 12 highs and lows Taylor Swift  (nicknamed T-Swizz by host LL Cool J) opened the show. T-Swizz looked cute in her circus master outfit as she pranced around to that “Never Ever Ever Ever Ever” ending song. Elton John ruined “A-Team”. Poor Ed Sheeran … Continue reading Granny’s Grammy notes 2013