Voices in my head

Its slowly creeping up on me. Slowly but surely.

At first, I questioned the talent and quality of the latest offering in The Voice franchise, but I have been pleasantly served. As in, “Girrrrl, you got served” *black girl finger click*.

I have been an avid viewer since the show’s US debut last year because of how it cleverly differentiates itself from fellow talent contests. The Voice is packaged as a show that’s got the street cred. Backed up by quality judges and mentors, the show focuses purely on the contestant’s vocals – looks aside. The Voice also keeps us interested in the competition by its  unique format. Contestants
are grilled in the infamous Blind Auditions and grinded through the Battle Rounds in order to claim a spot in the live shows (where the show converges with the Idol formula).

The team of US coaches comprises Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green. The UK boasts Jessie J and the Peas’ will.i.am. These artists are arguably major players in today’s music scene (the relevance of Tom Jones on the UK panel is questionable but he sung “Sex Bomb” so he’s alright in my book).

At first I was puzzled with the mixed bag that is the lineup of aussie coaches. Keith Urban (ok). Joel Madden (riiight). Delta G (say what?!). Seal (what the what?! The guy who sung that Batman song?!). Out of all the artists in the whole wide world you could have chosen, this was the combination you decided on to front our version?!

But my frustrations were slowly alleviated as the coaches did a pretty impressive opening number of U2’s powerfully emotive “One”. Those randoms absolutely smashed the UK coach’s horrible go at another U2 classic, “Beautiful Day”(Jessie J may be excused but will.i.am was just atrocious). The Prince medley performed by the US coaches was another forgettable moment.

Even despite this, I am hooked on the UK Voice because of the caliber of talent in that bunch – really funky and unique contestants who just get on stage, do their own thing, and pretty much make me want to illegally download all their albums.

With the aussie Blind Auditions over, the Battle Rounds almost at the end, next week welcomes the start of the Live shows. And I can’t lie, I’m pretty excited by the aussie contenders.

Here are my faves from the aussie and UK versions:
1. Becky Hill
2. Vince Kidd
3. Jaz Ellington
4. Max Milner
5. Toni Warne

1. Carmen Smith
2. Karise Eden
3. Prinnie Stevens
4. Fatai Duchense
5. Michael Veamatahu

Blind Auditions
Becky Hill. There’s something about this girl’s voice that I am hooked to – a very smokey and soulful tone that she effortlessly delivers. No joke, I have listened to this probably more than fifty times cos I love it so much (also love this song!)

Battle Round
Fatai Duchense. Wowa woowee. The girl’s only sixteen. She made me tingle.

Live Show
Vince Kidd = Swag on a stick.

And like WOAH. HOT

May the best voice prevail.

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