Soundtrack to your life

Her raspy, soulful voice sent shivers up and down my spine. The rhythmic drumming and sassy trumpets made my heart skip a beat. I died and went to heaven. I can vividly remember the first time I heard Amy Winehouse’s Rehab on the radio. I was in high school, driving along a busy road in my little red car. When that song came on I instantly … Continue reading Soundtrack to your life

Grandma AL’s Art Month Top 5

In Sydney, the month of March is associated with two things: the end of summer and Art Month. It’s no wonder the two happen in the same month. Nothing like a bit of art to help lift the depressing mood! Art Month is a city-wide festival celebrating local contemporary art and artists through a range of exhibitions, workshops, tours, art nights and talks. What I like … Continue reading Grandma AL’s Art Month Top 5

What do you want to be when you grow up?

As a kid the possibilities seemed so endless. Everything and anything felt within reach. Breakdancer, artist and rockstar were all perfectly viable options to a five year old. But as we move into adulthood, the realities of life begin to set in. It’s no longer about chasing wild childhood dreams, but about developing and sustaining a solid career that will provide you with fruitful opportunities to progress higher and … Continue reading What do you want to be when you grow up?

Keeping up with the Jonze.

“The things you feel most embarassed about are the things most worth doing”, this coming from the man who lead the Torrence Community Dance Group to notoriety with an unforgettable dance sequence in Fatboy Slim’s Praise You music video, which he also directed. “The things you feel most embarassed about are the things most worth doing.” Spike Jonze isn’t just a creative force to be reckoned with, … Continue reading Keeping up with the Jonze.

An evening with Bill.

Originally posted on The Adventures of Grandma AL:
(Sourced from Some people think I’m weird. And then you meet someone like Bill Cunningham. I say meet because that’s precisely what I felt whilst watching Bill Cunningham New York. The documentary gave us a glimpse of the man behind the lenses and the dollar store blue smock he has made so infamous.Bill lives and breathes… Continue reading An evening with Bill.

8 Things I Learnt at Semi-Permanent

A few weeks ago I attended Semi-Permanent, a creative and design conference that brings together international and local designers, artists, techies and creative thinkers to explore the future of  design, technology and the world around us. Through a series of talks, exhibitions, workshops and installations, the event provides the local creative community with an opportunity to connect and collaborate. Semi-Permanent melds together design, business and culture … Continue reading 8 Things I Learnt at Semi-Permanent

Azn Pride

I’ve been watching a new TV show on SBS called The Family Law (#freetoairTVisnotdead). Based on writer Benjamin Law’s autobiographical book of the same name, the show revolves around a colourful and vivacious 14 year-old Law as he navigates his way through adolescence in pursuit of his big dreams, all the while balancing the demands and quirks of his migrant Chinese parents as they settle into life in … Continue reading Azn Pride

Girl Power

I’ve been super curious about Nike’s latest foray into the world of branded content. And I’m loving what I’m seeing. The YouTube series directed by Tricia Brock of Girls and Walking Dead fame is called ‘Margot and Lily’ and centres around two interracial, adopted sisters who couldn’t be more different. Margot, is an energetic, goal-orientated health and fitness vlogger whose success on the small screen … Continue reading Girl Power