Ode to 2016

And just like that another year has passed. But not without the usual bumps, kinks and bends in the road that make the ride all the more memorable.

If there was one thing this year has been for me, it’s been a little bit of a reawakening. And not in a “take me to church” spiritual kind of way or barefoot yogi, “I only eat organically activated raw Paleo foods” kind of way (although aspects of those things have played their part).

Life for Grandma AL twelve months ago is very different to life for Grandma AL today. And not in a better or worse way, just different. Twelve months ago I was working with people I respected and adored in a place where I felt like I belonged and was nurtured. Over twelve months I’ve squeezed in regular trips to the Blue Mountains (four to be exact); a good dose of mind-blowing music gigs, inspiring creative talks and enlightening art gallery visits; our very first Crafternoon event and spin-off short film (premier screening TBC); a second go at guitar lessons; a tennis game and bootcamp session here and a bridge walk and mountain hike there; and to top it all off an unforgettable Eurotrip. And then I quit full-time work.

As much as I loved the sometimes messy, always busy, adrenaline-inducing life I lead earlier in the year, I’ve more than welcomed the extra time I now have to do the things I’ve always wanted to do and spend time with those I care about without ever feeling like I have to squeeze it all in.

Never did I ever in my wildest dreams think that I’d be spending days on end gardening with mum in my yard, toiling away at keeping my lawns green and pruning plants until the sun went down. Never did I ever expect to start doing yoga in a sweaty 30 degree incensed room and actually enjoy it. Never did I think I’d ever devote an entire day baking cakes for a family Christmas dinner. Me? A green-thumbed yogi baker?! With more time to rest, to think and to explore, I’ve discovered so much more about myself and the kind of life I want to lead.

Despite the many perks of not working, living life without knowing exactly where you’re headed is enough to make you feel more than a little anxious. For probably the first time in my adult life I don’t have a clue what the next twelve months will bring for me. But all I know is that as long as I am guided by what feels right deep down in my gut, I’ll be ok.

Although I’m still figuring lots of things out, I leave 2016 with the comfort of knowing that I lived it fully and without ever compromising the person I am and aspire to become. I have no doubt the road ahead will be full of many more bumps, kinks and bends but I  can’t wait to put the top down and just enjoy the ride. *Cue Heroes by the late great David Bowie*

Come at me 2017.

x Grandma AL





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