An ode to 2017

Another year, another ode, another opportunity to reflect on the last 365 days. If 2016 was my year of “re-awakening”, by 2017 I was well and truly awake. Up until I quit my full-time job late last year, the image that kept playing in my head was of me sitting in a waiting room, patiently waiting for my name to be called. This year I gained … Continue reading An ode to 2017

Shopping trolleys

Life is like a shopping trolley full of groceries. Packed to the brim with life’s riches, rolling the thing home requires balance. Because no-one wants their bag of oranges rolling down Anzac Parade. A few weekends ago my bananas fell out of the trolley and I had an internal combustion. If there’s one thing this new job has taught me it’s the importance of leading a … Continue reading Shopping trolleys

‘G’ is for Grandma

Remember those alphabet books you had as a kid?? I had a swish Disney-themed one which I loved to tatters. You remember. ‘B’ is for BAMBI, ‘C’ is for CINDERELLA. Late last year fashion photographer Tim Walker released his own Granny-themed version aptly titled ‘The Granny Alphabet’. But this book is more than just your ABC’s. As Walker explains: Old age brings back this childlike … Continue reading ‘G’ is for Grandma