‘G’ is for Grandma


Remember those alphabet books you had as a kid?? I had a swish Disney-themed one which I loved to tatters. You remember. ‘B’ is for BAMBI, ‘C’ is for CINDERELLA.

Late last year fashion photographer Tim Walker released his own Granny-themed version aptly titled ‘The Granny Alphabet’. But this book is more than just your ABC’s. As Walker explains:

Old age brings back this childlike clarity of vision, and so children and the elderly have an agreement, a bond, united by both a sense of being out of time and by the brilliantly reckless lack of responsibility that bookends adulthood and allows them to see things as they really are.

The real challenge for most of us is somehow trying to bridge these “bookends” by living everyday with a strong sense of self – something I strive to do as I journey well into my 20’s and beyond (see my spiel in a previous post on street style photographer Bill Cunningham). The Granny Alphabet is another reminder of how much you can learn from your grands, and equally, the little rascals that cause a raucous on your bus every morning.

The Granny Alphabet is available now from all good book stores.

The Granny Alphabet by Tim Walker « The Sartorialist.

x Grandma AL

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