An evening with Bill.

Remembering a visionary. Rest in peace Bill (1929 – 2016).

A post I wrote back in 2011 after watching Bill Cunningham New York.

The Adventures of Grandma AL

(Sourced from
Some people think I’m weird. And then you meet someone like Bill Cunningham. I say meet because that’s precisely what I felt whilst watching Bill Cunningham New York. The documentary gave us a glimpse of the man behind the lenses and the dollar store blue smock he has made so infamous.Bill lives and breathes his work. Taking photos of people and their wears on the streets of NY has been a part of this man way before the Sartorialist and FaceHunter made street fashion an “in thing” (not that I’m bagging either blogs out or anything, but it must be acknowledged that Bill is the original street style photographer).The thing about Bill that struck a chord with me the most was his pursuit of beauty in its realest form. How everyday people wear and interpret clothes. Whether its a bald drag queen in heels, a shirtless guy…

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