26 October 2011 – Stevie Wonder @ The Star

I was ultra-ultra excited about this one. That feeling you get when you think you’re dreaming but you’re not; when your palms get all sweaty and you start to experience mini episodes of heart palpitations. Yeh, that’s how I felt when I got word that I was going to see Stevie in the flesh. Such feelings only intensified leading up to the night. I was a nervy wreck on the day.
He opened with a soulful acoustic rendition of James Taylor’s “How Sweet It Is”. I died and went to wonder heaven.
Now, I don’t pretend to proclaim that I am Stevie’s greatest fan and that I know all his songs. But the ingenious thing about Stevie is that even if you don’t love the guy, you will know his songs. He has such an abundant catalogue of golden hits that he just seamlessly loads up one after another. Its like watching a prized archer effortlessly slinging up his arrows before skillfully and consistently shooting them out. Mr. Wonder hit the bulls eye every time.
From “Signed Sealed Delivered”, “Higher Ground”, “As” and “Superstitious” to an inspiring version of Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable” and MJ’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” and my all time favourite “My Cherie Amour”.
It was a memorable night of endless “pinch me am I really here?!” and “OH MY GAWWW ITS REALLY HIM!!” moments that I will never forget…
..and I just couldn’t help basking in it all…
– Me, Stevie and his grand piano. CHECK!

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