Granny’s Grammy notes 2013

Missed the 55th Grammy Awards? No sweat, grandma’s got you covered.
Bey & Jay enjoying the show (source: IBT)
My top 12 highs and lows
  1. Taylor Swift  (nicknamed T-Swizz by host LL Cool J) opened the show. T-Swizz looked cute in her circus master outfit as she pranced around to that “Never Ever Ever Ever Ever” ending song.
  2. Elton John ruined “A-Team”. Poor Ed Sheeran – traveled all this way only to get his song destroyed by the Rocket Man.
  3. Adele is the best because she collected her 6th Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance like it was mail from the postman.
  4. Foot stompin’ is back. Acts like FUN, Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers lead the folk-rock resurgence with rivetingly heart-felt performances. Somebody get me a banjo pronto!
  5. Frank Ocean is THAT much of a revelation that they even created a new category for him, Best Urban Contemporary. With only three nominees, this category became a cage fight between a snake and a hamster. In the end, the hamster managed a win without issuing a court order. But the snake refused to stand up and applaud the hamster’s victory.
  6. JT+ JZ = SXC
  7. Ri Ri was on fire with a steamy rendition of her new single, “Stay”. She’s got that restrained sexual tension thing downpat. Perhaps preparing for some “YEAH 3X” with a special someone after the show.
  8. The Black Keys’ performance of “Lonely Boy” made me wanna smash up a guitar. And then eat a giant rack of pork ribs.
  9. Kelly Clarkson IS The American Idol. Like seriously, her Carole King tribute cover of “Natural Woman” was cray good.
  10. Sting blew into Bruno Mars’ performance of that song that sounds like it was written by Sting for The Police but wasn’t. It made for some awkward Sting ad libs.
  11. Perry’s pups were out tonight! Certainly would have gotten Johnny May’s tongue wagging.
  12. Prince presented Aussie darling Gotye and his Kiwi bitch Kimbra with the Record of the Year award (on ya Straya!). More importantly, Prince was wearing sunglasses, a hoodie and carried a silver cane with him…like…a…BOSS.

And this guy:


For a full list of winners visit

x Grandma AL 

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