Room with a view

 My room was always like a place of solace for me away from the chaos of reality (or lack thereof). Photographer Rania Mata had an interesting exhibition out called A Girl and Her Roomwhere, in her series, she wanted to capture “teenage girls and young women at a transitional time of their lives, alone in the privacy of their own personal space…their bedroom, a womb within the outside world.”
Ok, so I wouldn’t go so far as comparing my room to a womb. It was more of a place where my inner thoughts and imagination could roam free. The evidence of this was splattered across the walls. The pic below was taken about 10 years ago. The canvas you see there was propped up above my desk – kind of like a mood board which I would continuously build on layer upon layer. I would throw on quotes I liked, creative people I admired and any other random bits and pieces I found aesthetically pleasing.
My room, circa 2003
To this day, the way I feel being in my room hasn’t changed. But with maturity comes a heightened sense of curation; almost like the raw quirks and interests you had as a teenager now hang as pieces of art  in a gallery as remnants of a time and place gone by.
Ok. Enough chatter. Time for a video.

x Grandma AL

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