What’s the time Mr Wolf?

“Iris” by Rankin x SWATCH

It’s that time of year again. A time to look ahead and figure out what it is you want to achieve this new year. Many may be tempted to set themselves a whole list of inspirational resolutions in the wake of the renewed sense of optimism they feel coming out the back-end of the party season or a great holiday.

But let’s face it, before you know it the year will become this bloody whirlpool sucking you and your hopes up, spitting you out for the next. So holding on to the one resolution for dear life is advisable.
At the start of 2012 I set myself one big goal and managed to reach it (just). Last year it was all about me. This year it’s all about the people around me. I have this problem of getting to things on time (this coming from a supposed Swatch watch collector). Whether it’s meeting friends for coffee, attending a work meeting or family gathering – when you say 7pm, my head says 7:15pm, or maybe even 7:30pm. Indonesian people call it jam karet or rubber time. I call it a disease.
It may seem like a trivial little resolution, but its something that not only sets a bad impression of me but put frankly, pisses other people off. Hopefully by being prompt and organised in life I can focus on doing more productive things and getting rid of wasted time.
Better get to bed then – got a prior commitment with the dreamworld to tend to.

Happy 2013.

x Grandma AL

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