A broswer’s paradise

I think I would die of excitement in this place. I was always a fan of Borders – the bookstore that prided itself in making its visitors feel at home. It always felt like you had free reign to peruse through whatever you liked, wherever you liked and for as along as you liked. Grabbing a stack of magazines to flick through at the Starbucks … Continue reading A broswer’s paradise

An evening with Bill.

(Sourced from harpersbazar.com) Some people think I’m weird. And then you meet someone like Bill Cunningham. I say meet because that’s precisely what I felt whilst watching Bill Cunningham New York. The documentary gave us a glimpse of the man behind the lenses and the dollar store blue smock he has made so infamous.Bill lives and breathes his work. Taking photos of people and their … Continue reading An evening with Bill.