A broswer’s paradise

I think I would die of excitement in this place. I was always a fan of Borders – the bookstore that prided itself in making its visitors feel at home. It always felt like you had free reign to peruse through whatever you liked, wherever you liked and for as along as you liked. Grabbing a stack of magazines to flick through at the Starbucks (which was fused with the Pitt St Mall Borders store) was a common past time embedded in my memory – the Young Adult, Non-Fiction section of my memory to be exact (that line felt cheesy yet smart at the same time).
So this place. Its called Tsutaya and as the posh voiceoverMonocle guy says its “re-defining the retail experience…its the club-like atmosphere that raises the bar”. I would also like to add that they have a cute “travel concierge” (yes, you heard me) named Takeshi Morimoto who is also a published travel writer (see 3:22 of the vid).
Gosh, I wonder what type of concierge I’d be qualified for?
Alison Tanudisastro
Elderly Appreciation Concierge, Tsutaya.

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