Melted dark chocolate & peanut butter on toast (so good)
The other morning when I was on the train to work something strange happened to me. John Mayer was crooning some Clarity in my ear. I hadn’t eaten any breakfast, as usual. So naturally, my stomach was belching strange noises and craving some melted dark chocolate on peanut buttered toast + English breakfast tea with a dash of milk and half a teaspoon of sugar (naturally).
I decided to eradicate this hunger pain the only way I knew how. Twitter.
I can honestly say that I am a complete idiot when it comes to this type of social media. I just don’t understand how “#hashtags” work or what re-tweeting does and why in the heck I would wanna know that Sarah Silverman “snap out the crotch of my tights & let my v****a breathe”. But in the depths of my idiocy, I managed to get on to the Vivid Ideas Twitter page and stumbled across an article in the Sydney Morning Herald called At home with Jess Scully. It was strange because I was reading this article while Johnny May was urging me to clarify things for myself by throwing his deeply contemplative lines at me like water bombs to the face.
It was as if my hunger brought me to this girl. Jess Scully. Editor, curator, director. She’s probably best known for bringing the VIVID Creative festival to Sydney and as the former editor of YEN magazine. Jess is an inspiration because she’s managed to make her own career out of a passion for social change and the arts. Plus she’s got style, sass and just the right amount of wacky to make her stand out from the crowd.
Jess Scully (photo by Daniel Boud)
 I was privileged enough to meet her one night at a VIVID event. Pushed along by a good friend (thanks EM!) I mustered up the courage to strike up a conversation with her, despite being slightly star struck. I was pleasantly surprised to find a friendly, passionate and intelligent person. We chatted for a while, with my “good friend” somehow making me sound like a complete stalker throughout (thanks EM!).
And so the night ended where it all began. On Twitter.

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