A cuppa with Lady Macaron

Emmelyn Gunawan

From Bali to Paris, Melbourne to New York, this yoga-loving, quinoa-munching global trekker and brand manager of Potato Head bar and restaurant in Jakarta caught a breath with Grandma AL to talk about Paris, hippies and eyebrow threading.

[Accompanied by a pot of Gatsby’s prohibition tea courtesy of Potato Head Garage]

My heroes: I really admire my brother (Creative Director of PH) and Ronald (Director and Owner of PH). As much as they are workaholics, they both have dreams and really go for it. They aren’t afraid to fail.
What inspires me: The thought of not knowing what’s coming up next for me.
My favourite city: Paris. I went there four years ago. I was 22. It was a time when I had no responsibilities and could do whatever I wanted. It’s just so dreamy.

The one thing I can’t live without: My iPhone. I still manage Potato Head’s and Eleven’s Instagram accounts. With “IG” you don’t have to read the news anymore. In fashion everyone’s connected…everyone knows everyone.
My last meal: It’ll always be French bread and good butter.
My personal style: My bestie Putri says that I’m a hippy, a high-class hippy.
My style icons: At the moment, Natasha Goldenberg and Thoma Hill (of Model Operandi)
My favourite thing to do in Jakarta: Yoga and hanging out at Potato Head.
My secret obsession: I like to get my eyebrows threaded. It’s actually an ancient technique. I’m addicted. It’s the same kind of pain as when you get it plucked but you get a smoother finish.
Me as an 80-year-old grandma: Somewhere close to the beach or mountains. Hopefully still doing yoga. Lots of grandkids and hopefully I can cook by then.
 Follow her on Instagram: @ladymacaron
x Grandma AL

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