A cuppa with Lady Macaron

Emmelyn Gunawan From Bali to Paris, Melbourne to New York, this yoga-loving, quinoa-munching global trekker and brand manager of Potato Head bar and restaurant in Jakarta caught a breath with Grandma AL to talk about Paris, hippies and eyebrow threading. [Accompanied by a pot of Gatsby’s prohibition tea courtesy of Potato Head Garage] My heroes: I really admire my brother (Creative Director of PH) and … Continue reading A cuppa with Lady Macaron

Matchy matchy

This is Donald and Nancy Featherstone. In 1957 Donald designed those ornamental plastic flamingos you’ve probably seen stabbed into lawns across the US (kind of a big deal). But together the couple are known for something completely different – they’ve worn the same outfit for thirty-five years. When they first met, Donald always wore stuffy suits even during hot summer days.   So Nancy sewed … Continue reading Matchy matchy

Something Miss Silverman taught me

Sarah Silverman is the best stand-up comedian I have ever seen out of the two comedians I have ever paid to see (sorry Lawrence Leung but you really got schooled by this chick). Sarah preaching at the Opera House My personal belief is that all comedians are actually highly intelligent people and use their own brands of humour to brutally, but honestly shed light on … Continue reading Something Miss Silverman taught me


Melted dark chocolate & peanut butter on toast (so good) The other morning when I was on the train to work something strange happened to me. John Mayer was crooning some Clarity in my ear. I hadn’t eaten any breakfast, as usual. So naturally, my stomach was belching strange noises and craving some melted dark chocolate on peanut buttered toast + English breakfast tea with … Continue reading Hungry