Something Miss Silverman taught me

Sarah Silverman is the best stand-up comedian I have ever seen out of the two comedians I have ever paid to see (sorry Lawrence Leung but you really got schooled by this chick).
Sarah preaching at the Opera House
My personal belief is that all comedians are actually highly intelligent people and use their own brands of humour to brutally, but honestly shed light on humanity and the human condition. They also aren’t afraid to make a fool out of themselves in the process.
I think there is a lot to learn from such folk.
Miss Silverman taught me something pretty important tonight – important enough to italicize and make bold:
Don’t ever let other people ever tell you to “tone it down” so that you don’t scare off potential husbands. 
In other words, just because you are a strong woman, doesn’t mean you will die a spinster cat-lady. If you don’t know me, I can be pretty loud, am pretty driven, know what I want, enjoy being different and like independence. I also can’t cook for shit. So I guess you could say that I am a bit of a headstrong person and could never be the good trophy house wives my grandma and mum are.
I turn 24 in less than a month now and maybe its because I’ve been bumming around at home a lot more and hanging out with my family, but I have gotten a lot of “Wow, you’re getting old now. I was married a year from your age” and “AL, you can’t be too picky otherwise you will never find anyone” and also “24 is a good age to start to look seriously for a partner because you want to make sure you get married and have kids asap so that your baby is healthy and your parents are still young enough to look after your child”.
To which I respond with “Like, W..T..F man. Just chill and let me be ok?!”
I don’t actually say that, but I definitely think it.
I don’t reckon that I will die a spinster cat lady because I do actually want to settle down one day, but in my own way and in my own time. Also, I see myself as more of a dog person anyway.

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