The Crazy Wonderfuls


As I sit on this plane to Jakarta listening to Lauryn Hill’s infectious Doo Woop song, with less than two weeks til the year’s out I can’t help but look back on what was a crazy, yet wonderful year.

A new career direction was accompanied by a huge amount of optimism and excitement, but it was far from being an easy transition. It was indeed peppered with challenges and moments of insecurity. I won’t even get into the colourful soapie that was my so-called love life. But with setbacks come new opportunities, at least that’s how I tried to see things (everything in life is supposed to happen for a reason right?).

Despite feeling shit scared a lot this year (there is no other way to describe it!), something in me was alive again; I felt more and more like myself. And although the new career played a big part in that, what it really came down to was the people in my life who helped bring the GrandmaAL out.

The beauty of change is that it pumps this child-like curiosity back into you, something that unfortunately tends to get sucked out of you with age. And so, just like it was my first day of school again, I nervously put myself out there again..and again and again…

“Hi, I’m Alison. I like old people and dancing. What’s your name?”

One year and many introductions later, I feel lucky to have met so many amazing people. I’ve learnt something from each and every one of them and cherish all the good times we’ve had.

Equally, with everything that’s happened this year, I came to realise and truly appreciate the unwavering support of the people who have been there from the very beginning. Always there to laugh and cry with, never once did I feel alone.

As my final post for 2013, I want to say TERIMA KASIH to the people in my life; family and friends new and old.

You were and always will be the crazy and wonderful of my 2013.


x Grandma AL

Take it away Ms. Hill…

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