Thanking you for your hospitality

Thank you to all the YOUNG GUNS of NYC for providing me with so much inspiration.

You made my heart go giddy and slapped a big smile on my face.

You are the true hipsters.

Date: 9th to 11th October, 2010.
Location: Various

Woman in Trench, Museum of Natural History

Man with the cool glasses in the Subway Stn

Sleeping man in Noho

Lady in the Wig, Columbus Ave.

Puppy Lovers, Chinatown

The Ultimate Dance Master in Soho

Man on the Green Chair in Union Square Park

Miss Red Beanie on Bedford Ave, Williamsburg

3 thoughts on “Thanking you for your hospitality

  1. oh the granny in the red beanie is my fave, followed closely by the love birds in chinatown :)you're getting much better at your stalker picture-taking al!

  2. hahaha MINE TOO! we are gona have so much fun spying on old ppl in china town i tell you! ;)i also love the old man on the green chair. i took a whole series that i'll put up in a special album on FB.thanks. as you know, i've had plenty of practice!

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