You are the reason I get up every morning

…the waffles from our cafeteria (not Eri – pictured – sorry)

Its delicious beyond words and I make myself a quarter every time I eat at Hasbrouk Dining Hall (used to be one whole one shared with someone else..but i thought that i should restrain myself so that i don’t become obese).

They have a self-service waffle maker where you fill up a plastic cup from the waffle mix dispenser and then pour it into the waffle machine which you shut and it has a self-timer set to 2:15mins. Makes a perfect waffle every time! Watch out Crepe Cafe.

Only in America.

4 thoughts on “You are the reason I get up every morning

  1. What is passionflower…and yummm with youe metabolism Al you might as well take advantage and eat a whole one!!..bit funny how it has ice cream on it though for like breakfast.

  2. hahaha.nat – maybe we can travel the 1.5 hrs to NEW PALTZ from NYC to have these famed waffles then! haha NOOO!Ney – passionflower = asian desert specialists! go together you two! that sentence CONFUSED ME: "yummmm with youe metabolism AL"..hehe.

  3. Oopsy you know what I mean….I meant to say yum and then fullstop and then the new sentence being with your metabolism you can take advantage:P.And Nat yes take me:P

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