7 thoughts on “The old switcheroo

  1. YES! one fish died Nat!..so sad. It was GROSS flushing down the toilet. But even more gross trying to get the two remaining fish out of the bucket and into the new bowl – you woulda SCREAMED for sure! hahaha..i wore gloves thankfully..but obviously fish outta water SQUIRM like mad! haha. The remaining two, AL and JES, are doing just fine.Yeh. Who's sending me flowers???…haha

  2. HEY A MILLIE! i've had fish before!! i had a cannibalistic gold fish that ate the black fish with the big eyes and left it's skull behind. so sad 😦

  3. lets rephrase that.. You two just dont like slimy and wriggly things???sorry to hear about that.. yea they tend to do that sometimes aye.. looks cute but NASTY otherwise.. =/

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