SnkrsVille, NYC

All I gotta say is NYC is #1 in SNKRS. Period. I bought me some FRESH kicks at a cool snkr store across from Bryant Park. It was the first shop we entered as the bus dropped us off right outside. Surprise, surprise – ORANGE laces sucked me right in! Also notice my LA fitted baseball cap. I just found out my head is about 7inches. I want a NY one but I couldnt find the size…oh well, looks like it says ‘AL’ in the foto!

The store had cool counters filled to the rim with snkrs! It was called:
Training Camp
1079 6th Ave NYC

Check out the Supras on display Mr. A Millie:

At the GI-NORMOUS Footlocker in Times Square. It has such a wide range for men…kinda dissapointed with the women’s range.

A wide selection of Nike Blazers…I had my eye firmly set on the blue swipe ones w/ the green laces and the pink multi-colour one..but restrained myself. Forgot the name of this store…

EFFORTLESS. That’s all I have to say about ppl who sport sneakers in this town. Although sneakers are pretty common in the city, every person who wore a pair, wore them with great individual style and didn’t look try-hard. From Van s to Nikes, snkrs are just a staple of everyday life for these guys.

Only in NYC.

7 thoughts on “SnkrsVille, NYC

  1. Loving those shoes you got!!Maannnnn!! wish i was there too.. were they cheap? why were those supras so exclusive?and btw.. i have the exact same hat aLi.. except the "LA" on mine is black.. similar at least =P(Leave the golden stamp on yea… lol)

  2. hey! yeeh VERY cheap…$50 USD….so about $56 AUD!…BARGAIN!…it was on sale. But the Blazers at the other store I forgot name of were slightly more epxpensive at $80 USD. I dunno why the supras were caged like that..forgot to ask..Btw – what's your cap size??? Yeh, i really want a NY one…so i gotta get that for myself next time…doesnt make sense that i got an LA one! And of course the gold sticker is staying!

  3. Thats so you Al, must admit all the sneakers do look amazing though and it was just fate your bus stopped outside the store haha! Also what did you go to NYC for? was it a day trip or did you spend the w/end there?

  4. OMG!!! Thats like a pair here equivalent to 2/3 pairs there.. I feel so robbed by the ozzy shops.. dirtbags!! lolNatalie.. i think you should invest in your first 10 pairs of nikes.. haha!!and me cap size is 7 1/4.. may i know why you're asking?? =P

  5. Ney – Went to NYC for a day trip. The uni organised it. Paid $10 for the bus ride and spent like 8hrs there…not enough time!Nat – I agree with A Millie (wil ;P)…10 pairs!..u have nikes already…so u can start ur collection now!A Millie – YES ROBBED I KNO!!…soo not fair! But clothes wise EVERYTHING here is slightly cheaper than in OZ. Like remeber that industrie hoodie u wanted (the faded looking green one?)…they sell em in H&M for $30USD!…so about $35AUD!!! WHAT?!Just curious bout ur cap size ;p

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