Lemme show you ’round…

Smallest shower head I ever did see

bbb-basins! (was going to post a pic of the toilet but that would just be too far).

Still a work in progress…

Suite mates helped with the start of some much needed redecorating in the lounge room –
Mr. B.i.G and Mr Wayne.

A little bit of OFFICE love before bed. I love being able to watch episodes of tv shows i love that i wouldn’t be able to stream in OZ – Project Runway, SNL, The Office!

3 thoughts on “Lemme show you ’round…

  1. HAHAHA…ur comment made me giggle a lil. NO. it is not scum but the colour of the concrete. I'm actually glad its this colour cos for some reason it feels less gross then if it were white bathroom tiles….no mould…

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