Around town

The local vet. So quaint and sweet.

Kick-ass looking tree.

Thing to press before crossing the road.

Pop-tarts galore! Fave flavour: Frosted Vanilla Milkshake

Tagged ‘trash’ can. Reminded me of Dr. Neil.

Sneakers on deck at a random closed-down gallery.

Cafeteria at New Paltz.

Inside local coffee shop (formally called the ‘Muddy Cup’).

I’m smiling in this photo but really my hot choc ‘n’ rasberry tasted WAAAAY TOOOO SWEEET it almost made me throw up in my mouth. Almost everything here is either WAAAY TOOO SWEEET or WAAAAY TOOO SOUR. E.g. green tea ice-cream I bought at a Thai restaurant (silly, i know. But had a craving!) tasted more like vanilla ice-scream.

New Paltz is pretty much a hippy town. There are drifters and hippies walking barefoot everywhere! The other night we saw a raggedy man walking up the street with a hole in his pants exposing his ass!

4 thoughts on “Around town

  1. your wish is my command!….we'll stock up in our hotel rooms to ensure brekky time is efficient! ppl here dont even use toasters to eat it..which is weird to me…eating it raw… ?

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