Thursday night we went and watched this comedian dude – black guy in skinny jeans and a cardi (quite a rarity). Wasn’t bad. Just kept ranting on about crackheads, ho’s, black ppl and rape. Sometimes I wanted to say to him, “too far mate, too far”.

So, because we opted to watch the “great” comedy show – we missed dinner at our dining hall and were subject to this:

We ate SPONGE BOB mac ‘n’ cheese with chopsticks (thanks for those mom!) Its called desperation. Mine looked watery and made my stomach cry. Never again.

2 thoughts on “NEVER AGAIN

  1. Whats normal dinner in the 'hall' like then? Hopefully better don't want your stomach crying too much! I am at uni right now on a break and yet again this is my entertainment, thanks once again haha!You look like you are having a greatttt time so continue to do so….love from your number one fan:P

  2. awwww..thanks #1 fan!…hahafood in cafeteria is decent. mac n cheese aint! But i forgot to tell you that i had it again last night cos the dining hall was closed by 9!…..but it was better…i think my stomach is slowly americanising!

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