On your marks, get set…TARGET!

On Wednesday evening all the exchange students were hoarded onto 3 buses and taken to a big mall in Poughkeepsie, a slightly bigger town 30mins from the town of New Paltz.

Bus ride to Target on a big yellow school bus. You know you’re in America when you’re riding a big yellow bus:

Eating Big Red with Irish Siobhan on bus ride to Target. The cinnamony taste of the gum is still so very weird to us:

We got to the mall at 5:45 and they gave us just 2hrs to buy necessities and have dinner. And with three bus loads of exchange students packing into Target, there were many customer in there who were scared. ppl were like, “Oh my gaawd what’s going on round here”. You should have seen their faces. They were CONFUSED. And you should have seen the BEDDING SECTION. It was clogged. I think all the exchange students have matching sheets and doonas.

The stuff we managed to round up in less than 2hrs. I did well – with just the one basket on the bottom of the trolley. Thanks to all the stuff i had already inherited from Mic! (look at the lady on the left! haha she must’ve thought we were complete WEIRDOS):

With 20mins to spare we headed off to where else but…WENDY’s! And yes, it is true that the US SMALL size drink is OUR MEDIUM size. I had a grilled chicken burger that looked so processed it tasted great. haha

Packing on everyone + their TARGET goods was even more manic! People had to sit in the aisles cos their bags took up seats. I had to sit on pillows that my suite mates bought. It was a memorable ride home to say the least (nice face Mehico Jes!):

Only in America.

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