Jamaica, NY

It was stinking hot today in NY. But after brekky I took the liberty of taking a walk in the streets of Jamaica – not the country, the close-to-the-airport- outer suburb in NY. Felt like I was in some rap video. Plenty of everyday afro americans in HOT SNKRS and baseball caps going about their everyday errands. Lots of weave and specialty nail salons and barber shops. Very multicultural area – lots of Henna parlours and Chinese-run dollar stores and fruit shops. And of course, a fast-food joint or two.

Was too embarassed to take any fotos. Wanted to capture the lines and lines of DO-RAGS and colourful weaves on sale at this one wig store. Here’s an example of a do-rag for all those out of sync ppl:

I was able to take one pic of cool old ‘pa’ in blue pants…from my hotel window cos I was a wimp and scared that ppl would laugh at me taking foto on the street…i need to step up, i know.

Also bought these little babies (literally) from a latino flower shop:

These miniature babes accompany my miniature alarm clock (thanks for that dad! was a good idea). How convenient.

4 thoughts on “Jamaica, NY

  1. CHALLENGE WILL BE CONSIDERED.first i need to get up the courage to walk in to one of those stores and buy one. OR i can just make friends with a black guy who can buy one for me so it doesnt seem so weird!miss ya too.

  2. I like how you already bought something from the latino shop..so Alison:P..and haha you should ask Rose how she masters the art of clicking the old people snaps..i'm sure you'll get good at it soon! love the stories,keeping me entertained,so thanks Al:P

  3. hahaha – glad you do ney ney..its all for your entertainment – esp for my number one fan!They were only $2USD for two…and the other thing i bought yesterday was a pack of BIG RED gum for 35 cents..so not bad for me i say! haha

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