Dorm Sweet Dorm

Met lotsa other exchange students at JFK – japan, korea, egypt, ireland..etc etc

Bus ride from JFK to New Paltz was about 2hrs or so. Slept most of the way.

Had to lugg our luggages from the main building to our dorm building: CRISPELL. WHAT AN EFFORT. Thank goodness they invented PUSH-ABLE luggages. I love you green pusha-able luggage. And there are geese EVERYWHERE. and geese SHIT EVERYWHERE. Like EVERYWHERE. So it was funny trying to dodge them and also watching ppl struggle with their two rolly luggages. But we all had a good laugh about the fact that our arms and legs would probs be broken (or at least severely strained) afterwards.

Time for a picture show:

TADAA – ma dorm. Room 314B.

Before and After I unpacked ma shite: Mattress no longer naked thanks to micaelalala (love the colour and pattern of the sheets btw – and they smelt clean!).

New home for my hang-able clothes. And again, thanks again for the coat-hangers miccy!

I unpacked super fast and efficiently today. Mum would be so proud.

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