Walls have feelings too

About two weeks ago I escaped Sydney’s wild rainy weather and headed south to Wollongong, only to be greeted by a monsoon. But a little bit of water (actually, it was a sh*t load) didn’t stop the 20 artists who stuck by their walls at the annual Wonderwalls festival. Now in its second year, Wonderwalls is a 3-day street art and graffiti festival consisting of art … Continue reading Walls have feelings too

6 things I learnt from Art Month Sydney

People tend to think that art is for the wealthy. That buying art is somewhat of a snooty past time. And I wouldn’t disagree with those people.  But I also happen to believe that art is something everyone can appreciate and enjoy (or not). From the art enthusiasts who love interpreting every bit of detail to the people who just don’t get what all the … Continue reading 6 things I learnt from Art Month Sydney