Everyday people – a series

sfSan Francisco was different. Like a kid going to the beach, listening to a band play live or eating an ice cream for the very first time my senses were immersed in everything around me. I was an explorer of a foreign land and the only way I knew how to get under the skin of the place was to talk to its inhabitants. Approaching a random stranger is a pretty daunting thing to do in my own city, let alone in a completely new one. But for some reason being in another place, far away from home gives you a sense of confidence that clears all insecurities or fears of being perceived as a complete weirdo. It kinda minimises the risk of ever having to bump into that same person again should the interaction go awry.

More than anything else, the people of the ‘Frisco bay are what made my San Francisco trip one of those special adventures you remember and recollect for a lifetime. What follows are a series of the various encounters we had, both big and small, with people we will always remember and people we hope to one day meet again.

I apologise for any inaccuracies to those that may be featured and again thank you for your hospitality, generosity and most of all, for not writing us off as complete weirdos.


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