Ode to the 30 bus

30bus4We caught buses a lot while we were in San Francisco. Magical places they were; where people of different backgrounds and generations converged and rode in harmony (most of the time). Mums and their kids; hobos seeking shelter; old Chinese ladies with trolleys going to the markets; teenage kids jamming hard on their ipods; Mexican cowboys; hipsters from the Mission. If you want to experience the diversity of any city then ride the bus.

My favourite bus was the number 30 because it transported you to a whole other world. I felt like I was in China complete with Chinese advertising, loud chattering and lots of pushing and shoving! For many of the passengers, the bus was an opportunity to catch up with old friends and converse with new ones.

Wonder why this grandma enjoyed the ride so much?

30bus330bus230bus1IMG_9665bus stop sf

x Grandma AL

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