Pinch me i’m in NYC

Tuesday Aug 16, 6:31am

…TO HERE in a day
Tuesday Aug 16, 10:56pm

What an eventful trip. And a long ass one at that.

  • Syd to LAX 14hrs: Sat next to an equine vet and he nurse mum from Coffs harbour. Kinda made me miss my mummy a bit. They were super friendly. Sat diagonal to little David. He had the BIGGEST eyes I ever did see on a lil tot like him. And was so curious at every thing about the plane especially the ceiling – he kepy pointing upwards with his mouth and eyes wide open. He was wearing a shirt saying “LOOK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS”. I think it will actually ring true. b/c he definitely made all the girls waiting in line to go to the toilets giggle and fall under his charm! (NAT: this one rank’s #1 on my trip so far).
  • LAX stop-over: EVENTFUL (sorry mum and dad – I didnt want to mention all of this to you guys over the phone cos I know you would have FREAKED out). Immigration was a bit unorganised – a lot of ppl with longer staying visas had to fill out an additional white form which we weren’t provided with prior to being called NEXT in the line. So thanks LAX immigration!
  • Next was the baggage transfer to the connecting flight. I had all 2 of my checked-in luggages and 1 hand carry (laptop in it) on the one trolley. And was still a bit DAZED from the flight, so didnt realise til I got out of the that area that i had accidentally checked in all 3 of my luggages. RETARD. I looked like the biggest douchebag coming back in. Lady was PISSED cos she had to go backstage and sift thru the hundreds of baggage already checked in to find the one without a baggage tag! But the latino security lady there was heaps cool and liked my AIR MAX’s so we had a nice chat in the mean time. And I also got chatted up by this black luggage handler dude who kept persisting to get my number or IM or FB. And no, he did not look like ANDRE 3000 or 50 cent, but more like that guy in Forrest Gump – his best friend who owned the shrimp boat. So I stayed close to the latino lady and way away mr. shrimp.
  • Lastly, security check was HORRENDOUS. No instructions. No signs. It was literally like, “Oh, that guy in front of me is taking off his shoes, so is that girl and that old GRANDMA. Maybe I should too”; “Oh, they’re all putting it into the plastic tray. I should too”. Then the scary black security woman YELLED: “Na-ah. Shoes do not go into the plastic trays”. SLAP in tha face.
  • CONCLUSION: SHIT AIRPORT. AWESOME STAFF – they were all heaps friendly and intrigued with this whole exchange thing I was doing.
  • LAX to NY 5.25hrs: ZOMBIES ON A PLANE. No joke. Practically everyone slept most of that flight.

4 thoughts on “Pinch me i’m in NYC

  1. hahaha..i tried to record discreetly in case his dad caught me..hence trying to make convo with the ppl next to me whilst secretly video-ing!DEF was entertaining. DEF was super cute!

  2. Hey alison! LOL so like calvin linked me to your blog randomly and i said i would read it when im bored…and yep im bored now haha (stupid study). Very entertaining read…thanks =p.Howd you go with the finger print scanning things in america? I swear they just do that for show and really dont record it haha. And i reckon they are sexist haha, my dad and i always had to only scan 4 fingers, whilst my mum and sister had to scan all ten…everywhere we went! [and how boring would it be to be a customs officer haha..]Well okay sorry about the essay comment…ill end it there! Keep safe =].Gian.

  3. haha ur funny. i only had to scan 4 fingers. so i think ur MOM and sis must be considered suspects or something. hahayeh would be boring being a customs officer but hey, they get to wear pretty BOSS uniforms – they looked like cops when i saw them!keep following! and i'll try and not be lazy and keep posting!

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